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                      Octavia  Hill  Residents  Association   

This is the Web Site of the residents of the historic Octavia Hill Estate parts of which were established as affordable working class  accommodation  over 100 years ago. The Estate was sold by the Church Commissioners in 2005 & 2006 to the highest bidder despite opposition by Tenants, Politicians, Councillors ,members of the Clergy, and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The tenants had insisted that if the sale was to proceed that it must be to a Registered Social Landlord and presented to the Church Commissioners Petitions signed by 97% Tenants who were opposed to the sale. The Church Commissioners decided to ignore this petition as irrelevant and proceeded to sell to a Partnership of Social /Private Landlords.

In February 2011 Geninvest, the social side of partnership sold out to Grainger PLC a 100% private Landlord

 Since the  date  of the sale by Church Commissiners membership of our Association has been open to all none affiliated residents of Waterloo and welcome membership applications from all residents .

We welcome membership application from all residents of Waterloo who are not members of other associations

At the present time we represent the following properties :-

Tait House, Benson House,Croydon House,Charing House, Ospring House and Cornwall Flats

The whole of the Winchester Park Estate in Union Street.

Ipsden Building , Con Street ( on local matters only and not with landlords)

Ufford Street, Mitre Road and the flats in Webber Street between Mitre Road and Ufford Street